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Africa Express

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The adventures of three friends running an air charter business in Africa during WW II and their race to prevent a Nazi Baron from escaping to Germany with vital radar equipment. Trailer Credits Director Bruce McFarlane Cast Patrick Dollaghan, Karen

Back to Back

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High in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, a cache of stolen bank money was hidden back in the 1960s. LA based lawyer, Bo Brand whose security-guard father has long been held responsible for the heist-he was the only survivor when his armored car

Double Trouble

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Muscle-bound twins try to smash a jewel smuggling ring. Brawny burglar Peter Jade is an infamous criminal who manages to gain access to a huge stash of diamonds. He also happens to have an equally muscular twin, David who, unlike his thieving brothe

Think Big

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A young genius escapes from a teen think-tank with the plans for a secret weapon. On the run, she stows aboard a truck driven by two slow-witted brothers who are transporting toxic waste across the country. Trailer Cast Director Jon Turteltaub Cast D

Memorial Valley Massacre

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Campers on a holiday are terrorized by an axe-wielding maniac. Trailer Credits Director Robert C. Hughes Cast William Smith, John Kerry Writers Robert C. Hughes, George Frances Skrow Distributor Nelson Entertainment, Synergy Entertainment Watch It No

The Corporate Ladder

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Matt is an up-and-coming advertising executive on the brink of a major ad promotion contract. His new assistant, Nicole, helps win the deal for him, but she has other motives in mind. Though he has a pregnant wife, Brad engages in an affair with Nico

The Stay Awake

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The ghost of a serial killer, executed for murdering students at a Catholic girls’ school, returns to the school to take revenge on the current student body. Credits Director John Bernard Cast Shirley Jane Harris, Tanya Gordon, Jayne Hutton Wri


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A man is made insane by medical experiments and begins a murder and cannibalism spree. Credits Director Tony Elwood Cast Duke Ernsberger, Andy Boswell, Mark Creter Writer Mark Kimray Distributor MPCA, Synthetic Fur Productions Award Saturn Award Winn

Dangerous Love

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A psychopath videotapes then murders female clients of the dating service, Dream Date Video Club and two detective’s suspicion falls on a male client who is a geeky computer executive. Trailer Credits Director Marty Ollstein Cast Elliott Gould

Sweet Revenge

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Beautiful young women are vanishing from the streets of L.A. – and reappearing in a remote Asian jungle, on the auction block of the sadistic criminal mastermind Cicero. When a top TV reporter picks up his trail, Cicero drugs and abducts her, o

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